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If you’re committed to making a big impact and you’re READY to finally make the money you deserve while enjoying the time freedom and lifestyle you desire…please choose from my current offerings below.

You also need to know that I am VERY selective about who I choose to work with privately. I’ve found that it’s not of service to take on a client who simply isn’t ready to receive this kind of support, or is not willing to take the action required to uplevel their clients, their business and life.

With that being said, let’s move forward in selecting the right offer for YOU:


VIP Session: This private 2-­hour session via Skype is where we’ll pinpoint your strengths, identify your focal points, and design systems that will accelerate your financial abundance.

Ideal for women who are:

  • needing an express “one problem = one solution” situation,
  • on the fence whether they need a business strategist to partner up with,
  • feeling “stuck” , or
  • just starting out in a career or business

Option 2

MasterMind Session: This in-person, 5 hours straight session is right for you if you truly desire to create a profitable business that give you time and freedom. You’re ready to leave waiting, delaying and denying your strengths behind and play full out to create what you want in your life. Before our in-depth session, you will receive a detailed welcome packet, including a simple kick start exercise to help you get started right away! This simple exercise will help you show up for your first session focused, energized and ready to play, so we can make the most of our valuable time together.

Ideal for women who are:

Ready to up level their business for maximum profitability and exposure!

Option 3

Mentorship Program: This 90-day program is designed for YOU if you feel that this is your moment to step forward and claim the business, income and lifestyle you truly want, while being of greatest service to others.

This program is designed for women who have completed at least 18 months in business, knows that professional development is essential for everyone at any level of experience, and most of all understand that having a mentor is investing in themselves in order to grow and lead their venture with passion and dedication.

What’s included?

  1. 12 Private coaching calls(60 minutes each).
  2. Priority email access for quick questions and “check in” support during your program
  3. Results are what you are investing in! Expect homework will be required of you. A program workbook with all the templates, resources, and checklists will be provided prior to the start of this program.
  4. Create a smart system to leverage in your business–this is crucial to making more money and serving more people while preserving your lifestyle. But when you implement the wrong strategy at the wrong time, you actually LOSE money… and end up working harder than ever.

My ability to design profitable business models and my brilliance in creating structures are huge factors why it is possible for me to be both an entrepreneur and a career woman. I’ve created this program so that I can offer that wisdom to you! And help you quickly navigate through any blocks – inner OR outer game – that come up along the way! I invite you to apply for this program.

It’s a MUST that any of the above offerings is a good fit for both of us. Once I receive your completed application, we’ll have a short phone call to make sure that you and I are a perfect fit for each other and that the offer you have selected is the right decision for you. My team will be in touch to schedule your interview shortly after receiving your application.

If you require an assistance or may have additional questions, you can reach my assistant at

No matter what, this positive action of filling in the application will be transformative for you. I know you’ll receive at least ONE powerful breakthrough, insight, or awareness about yourself, simply by answering the questions.

For LIVE EVENTS and TRAINING PROGRAMS and to schedule one for your organization or company, please send an inquiry e-mail to for the next available date on my calendar. My team will be be more than happy to provide you a workshop description outlining the purpose, process and the payoff for your organization.

I currently offer the following workshops:

  • Four Lenses Workshop
  • Craft Your Life Plan
  • Do More in Less Time: The 90 Day Concept
  • Efficiency Using the Evernote App 
  • Elevator Pitch: The Vital 2 Minutes of Success

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