How You Can Build A Successful Event Management Empire

Build A Successful Event Management Empire

Do you have great communication skills? How about organizational skills? Seemingly you can do well in the events management field. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and yet still growing. Event Management skills are even more in demand now given the countless events; Conferences, meetings, trade shows, social events, and weddings among others. Just what does it take?

Events Management – Educational Requirements

First things first, let’s start with educational requirements. While it is possible to become a good planner without proper formal education, it’s becoming desirable to take a certificate, diploma or degree course in the same. Given the current rapid growth of the industry as well as the dearth of quality educational programs in it, career opportunities are abundant and salaries more appealing.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employers prefer to recruit individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant communications-oriented or management discipline.

There are several Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in hospitality management including courses like food & nutrition, food production, hospitality marketing, and facilities management for beginners. Colleges also offer certificate programs in event planning designed for established professionals in the industry. The curricula include; budgeting, risk control and negotiation skills

Events Management – Alternative Skills Acquisition

Most event planners learn the skills they need on the job. However, prospective event planners can prepare for their future careers by gaining work experience through volunteering; for their company, school, church, and or clubs. Some candidates have also gained planning experience while working in other fields such as administrative assisting, catering or marketing and more.

To succeed in the events management industry, you need exceptional skills in oral and written communication, creating and maintaining good working relationships. Once your experience is established, you are in a position to either work as a consultant or to open your own company.

Events Management – Professional Organizations

Professional organizations like Stratford, Penn Foster, Full Sail and International Special Events Society (ISES) among others offer certificates to professional event planners with at least three years of experience in the industry after passing a written exam. The Certifications may also prove beneficial for the budding planners when used as marketing tools with potential clients.

Events Management – Job Outlook and Salary Info

Also according to the BLS, event, meeting and convention planners can expect significant career growth of about 33% running now till the year 2022. The median yearly salary of most planners is $46,260.  Top ten percent of workers in the industry however earn $79,550 or more per annum while the bottom ten percent often makes $26,480 or less yearly. The rest depends on hard work.

Inspirational $30M Events Management Company 

Talking about which, Jennifer Gilbert is a real example. She began her $30m events management firm, Save The Date in 1993. At the age of 29 she was named Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year. Jennifer started her company apparently to help people celebrate and enjoy life’s littlest and greatest moments. This is after recovering from a brutal ordeal where she was stabbed at age 22.

It’s interesting; according to empower.com, Jennifer started Save The Date as a One-Woman operation with nothing other than a chair and telephone. For five years, she took no paycheck, only enough to live on. Her referral or matchmaking invention continues to earn her company millions in revenue. To minimize on operational costs, Jennifer never advertises nor does she deal with PR firms. To reach out to many, she relies majorly on the traditional word of mouth.

Jennifer says BizBash is a must attend if you want to meet top vendors and to incorporate new ideas into your events management business. Jennifer’s secret weapon however is to outsource everything she’s not good at and to focus on her passion. She says, “Outsource everything but your soul,” adding that what separates Save The Date from its competitors is their proprietary client management platform that details all events down to the likes and distaste of the CEO.

Event Management – Program for You This Month   

Having already learned a bit of what you need to become a recognized planner and building a succesful empire, you must be interested in learning the specifics how to find new clients, manage successfully events, negotiate deals, create effective budgets, deal with difficult vendors and clients and like Jennifer, make the clients not only satisfied and happy but always on call for your services –then stay on for more articles coming your way specifically on this topic of “Event Management”. Also, for this and more, spend at least 40 minutes of your time on call with me today and let us find out if we could partner on my VIP coaching session or perhaps if we could figure out any events for you to start this month. Looking forward to you call, catch up then!

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