Why Should I Have A Side Hustle?

Ah, this is one of the most common questions I encounter and I am an advocate of side hustles and multiple income streams, so I am tackling this question with a lot of passion…hang tight!

You are feeling miserable that your current job is not giving you the financial satisfaction you are looking for. At the same time, you fear of risk, and a side hustle is a “No, No” for you.

You come up with several excuses why you cannot quit your current job–you are right! Quitting your job should not be in your mind if you have not found a better opportunity or a replacement income. But why can’t you have a side hustle? You are better off going for a side-hustle, if you will ask me.

FACT: Your current company is more concerned of the profits it makes and not really how to better your life as an employee. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, having one source of income is just too risky! Actually it is suicidal! Remember the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”

A side hustle can be executed during your free time, if you are able to carve out 30 minutes or more on senseless chitchats or mindless browsing on social media that don’t really add much value in your life. Time lost could not be replaced, might as well make the most of it and use it wisely.

Maybe you are not compelled to earn extra. But doesn’t it feel nice to have a few extra coins in the pocket? These extra pennies could mean making a dream into a reality, blessing a family member or relative in need, or serve as an extra cushion for the rainy days. By practical definition, a side hustle is a way to make some extra cash that is not from your mainstream job. It allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in. This could be referred to as dispensable income or others may use the term “fun money.”

But apart from the extra cash that comes with a side hustle, there are several other reasons why one needs to have a side job. Here are a few that I feel strongly about:

  1. Financial Freedom

We all strive to reach a point in our lives where we do not have to worry about the simplest of things like food, eating out. Right? I know you also want to have enough money, not only for your basic needs, but extra cash that will give you the freedom to go where you want, eat what you want, and start up development projects! A side hustle can provide the financial freedom we all are looking for!

Secondly, when you are side hustling while being employed, your tendency is not to sell your products or offer your services at a “desperation” fee, because you have a job that actually covers your necessary expenses. You are not desperate to earn money from your side hustle to make sure there is food on the table. You can be selective of the type of work and the clients you wish to serve. The beauty of not coming from the mentality of desperation is this, you will discern the client who sees the true value of your product or service and he/she is more than willing to pay for the price that you have established. No haggling, no guilty feeling on your part that you may be overpricing. Set your price to what is fair and what will make you feel happy for your product or work — and do not look back! After all, this is our main objective for entrepreneurship, to be paid for our real value.

  1. It Gives You An Opportunity To Do What You Love

Most of the time, our normal or day job is not entirely what we are passionate about, to some perhaps a fraction. Most often than not, you get duties that are required of you in line with your job description, which may not necessarily something you enjoy doing. But a side hustle, as small business owner, your tasks are your personal choice! You can make it as interesting as you want so long as you are doing it right. You may opt to operate on your zone of genius and hire out the things you are not good at and you have no interest all BUT are necessary to grow your venture.

  1. Exposes You to New Experiences

A formal education can earn you a living but self-education can make you a fortune- Jim Rohn. Having a side hustle does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to the skills you have learned from your current job. It also doesn’t mean that you go for something you absolutely no knowledge about. Focus on your transferable skills, this way you are limiting the learning curve! Your passion may be parallel to the skills and interests you have, sometimes, you may have to take the time and effort to learn additional skills in order to succeed.

Find out what excites you and start developing skills towards that direction. It can help you acquire new skills and genuine experiences easily if you have the interest factor taken care of. With time, you might reach a point where you will be making enough from your side hustle to become your primary source of income.

  1. It’s Your Plan B

Setting aside extra money in your pocket regularly is an insurance policy. Have you ever thought of being fired? Do you have a back up income worth at least eight months of living expenses? Most certainly, just like many Americans, your answer is a NO! Now you realize why a backup income plan is important.

Fully relying on what may seem as a stable job is risky! If you are to be served with the pink slip today, you still have bills to pay, you still need food to eat, and life goes on! Your responsibilities will not go away because your job ended. This is where a side hustle comes to the rescue as your lifeline! What you earn from it may not match your day full time job’s salary, but it will make your situation better! It will help you financially and emotionally as you transition out. It may also give you the opportunity to ponder and make your side hustle into a full time gig.

  1. Ride On Your Employer’s Brand

When you have been hired to work for a name brand, it is easy to push a side hustle through your offerings while leveraging on your employer’s brand. The work you do for your employer creates a significant portfolio for you!

Projects that you do at work could be used as samples of your work for the side hustle, granted of course you are within the ethical and legal boundaries! Side hustlers are usually deemed to be high performers in their regular jobs. WHY? Because they have their stakes high and are focused not to waste time during office hours.

Since you have a job, what you earn from a side hustle can be reinvested back to grow a business in a sutainable manner.

Therefore, don’t fear risk and failure! Side hustle is the best deal when it comes to making that needed extra cash to pursue philanthropy, passion projects or business; ultimately making life more interesting. As women, we are multifaceted, we are stimulated by various things. Our day jobs should not define us, side hustles provide a creative outlet and enables us to contribute our talents and skills for the betterment of others.





How You Can Build A Successful Event Management Empire

Build A Successful Event Management Empire

Do you have great communication skills? How about organizational skills? Seemingly you can do well in the events management field. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and yet still growing. Event Management skills are even more in demand now given the countless events; Conferences, meetings, trade shows, social events, and weddings among others. Just what does it take?

Events Management – Educational Requirements

First things first, let’s start with educational requirements. While it is possible to become a good planner without proper formal education, it’s becoming desirable to take a certificate, diploma or degree course in the same. Given the current rapid growth of the industry as well as the dearth of quality educational programs in it, career opportunities are abundant and salaries more appealing.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employers prefer to recruit individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant communications-oriented or management discipline.

There are several Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in hospitality management including courses like food & nutrition, food production, hospitality marketing, and facilities management for beginners. Colleges also offer certificate programs in event planning designed for established professionals in the industry. The curricula include; budgeting, risk control and negotiation skills

Events Management – Alternative Skills Acquisition

Most event planners learn the skills they need on the job. However, prospective event planners can prepare for their future careers by gaining work experience through volunteering; for their company, school, church, and or clubs. Some candidates have also gained planning experience while working in other fields such as administrative assisting, catering or marketing and more.

To succeed in the events management industry, you need exceptional skills in oral and written communication, creating and maintaining good working relationships. Once your experience is established, you are in a position to either work as a consultant or to open your own company.

Events Management – Professional Organizations

Professional organizations like Stratford, Penn Foster, Full Sail and International Special Events Society (ISES) among others offer certificates to professional event planners with at least three years of experience in the industry after passing a written exam. The Certifications may also prove beneficial for the budding planners when used as marketing tools with potential clients.

Events Management – Job Outlook and Salary Info

Also according to the BLS, event, meeting and convention planners can expect significant career growth of about 33% running now till the year 2022. The median yearly salary of most planners is $46,260.  Top ten percent of workers in the industry however earn $79,550 or more per annum while the bottom ten percent often makes $26,480 or less yearly. The rest depends on hard work.

Inspirational $30M Events Management Company 

Talking about which, Jennifer Gilbert is a real example. She began her $30m events management firm, Save The Date in 1993. At the age of 29 she was named Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year. Jennifer started her company apparently to help people celebrate and enjoy life’s littlest and greatest moments. This is after recovering from a brutal ordeal where she was stabbed at age 22.

It’s interesting; according to empower.com, Jennifer started Save The Date as a One-Woman operation with nothing other than a chair and telephone. For five years, she took no paycheck, only enough to live on. Her referral or matchmaking invention continues to earn her company millions in revenue. To minimize on operational costs, Jennifer never advertises nor does she deal with PR firms. To reach out to many, she relies majorly on the traditional word of mouth.

Jennifer says BizBash is a must attend if you want to meet top vendors and to incorporate new ideas into your events management business. Jennifer’s secret weapon however is to outsource everything she’s not good at and to focus on her passion. She says, “Outsource everything but your soul,” adding that what separates Save The Date from its competitors is their proprietary client management platform that details all events down to the likes and distaste of the CEO.

Event Management – Program for You This Month   

Having already learned a bit of what you need to become a recognized planner and building a succesful empire, you must be interested in learning the specifics how to find new clients, manage successfully events, negotiate deals, create effective budgets, deal with difficult vendors and clients and like Jennifer, make the clients not only satisfied and happy but always on call for your services –then stay on for more articles coming your way specifically on this topic of “Event Management”. Also, for this and more, spend at least 40 minutes of your time on call with me today and let us find out if we could partner on my VIP coaching session or perhaps if we could figure out any events for you to start this month. Looking forward to you call, catch up then!


Best Practices in Hiring a College or Career Coach

Career Coach

It’s no secret that it’s still a pretty tough job out there to get a good college despite good grades. But even if you successfully shop around and find one, it’s not an easy task either to get your dream job or is it? Fortunately, there is a growing number of college and career coaches to help.

About College and Career Coaching

But just what does it entail and why is it even important? Well, College and Career coaching are rather two distinct career paths each with two main roles: coaching and counseling, and a similar objective; to help high school graduates make better college choices and for professionals to have informed career decisions. More importantly, to support both populations in using various tools they may need – resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, salary negotiations,, brag sheet, standardized testing preparations, admission essay writing, etc at a more one-on-one level.

Now, although NOT all college and career coaches have the formal professional training required for this kind of work, somehow they all tend to take a solutions-oriented approach in helping their clients achieve specific objectives. It is for this very reason that most people tend to think that all that is needed is a good resume to get a good job OR tend to measure the success of career coaching with landing a job when guidance, support, inspiration, hope and attitude change are part and parcel of the relationship. Some college admission coaches were parents of college-bound kids while other career coaches were prior college admission professionals and even educators themselves!

My point is – while there are available school counselors to assist high school students to plan for college, the truth is, there are way “too many students to a counselor” ratio.  There is NO way a counselor could actually provide a personalized attention to each graduating high school student.  Then there is the issue of –the parents themselves have NOT gone to college or both parents are professionals and got very limited time to devote in researching and assisting their child prepare for college admissions. Which by the way is crucial as college education is an investment of time, effort and money.

Same is true for professionals at various levels (entry, middle, or executive), there may be career professionals at their disposal.  For example for the U.S. Navy, the Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) at every naval installation, they have employment specialists assisting spouses find a job, write resumes and gain interviewing skills.  This is perfect! BUT just like we all know –sometimes we feel that we need something more for our needs. Just like that free cooking class available but the schedule does not fit with our work schedule OR you may want that one-on-one attention from that mentor you can directly relate to.

Pros of College and Career Coaching 

Perhaps the general merits of college and career counseling can be cut out from the specific roles the professionals play. According to Richard Knowdell, one of the forefathers of corporate career development, other than to change his/her approach to the precise needs of his/her client, there are five roles of a good coach that includes: assessing, information provision, referral, and tutorship.[1]

College and Career Coaches as Assessors

After listening to your explanation and needs, a good college and career coach will use various instruments – biography or IQ tests to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. That way, he/she is able to better recommend a college that will help you build on the same or a line of career (major) or even a job that will allow you to grow and present you the right challenges.

College and Career Coaches as Informants

A good college and career coach is often aware of and able to advice on several possible options so if you’re not certain about which college to choose, you can expect to be guided onto the best.

Professional Coaches as Referral Agents

Isn’t a good coach all-knowing? Can’t he/she just help me resolve any kind of problem I’ve got? Well, some people believe this, when in truth, college and career coaches don’t have the answer or knowledge about everything. What they do instead is refer you to the experts from their network who would provide additional assistance need be. Or they will find the right solutions for you through in-depth research.

College and Career Coaches as Guides

One of the most important roles of a good college and career coach is that of a guide. As a guide, the coach’s job is to facilitate your decision making process without unnecessarily dictating what your ultimate decision should be. One of the ways the coach is likely to use includes questioning. They will pose questions that will trigger thoughts that you may not be consciously thinking o.  This methodology also provides another dimension to your decision-making process.

 College and Career Coaches as Tutors

According to Richard Knowdell, this duty is particularly important when you already have made a decision on the college, major, or line of career that you intend to pursue after college. The role of a college and career coach thus is to help you make a realistic plan to attain the specific goals.[2]

But that aside, before hiring a college and or career coach, here are a few considerations to make:

TIP#1 The Specific Needs of Your Child

Before hiring a college and career coach, it’s important to know your child’s needs strengths and aspirations. Ask them what they want in life, which college they would like to join, if they know what it would take them to qualify and what they’re doing about it and what they’d like to major on as well as the learning environment they’d be comfortable. Then you’ll know if they need guidance.

TIP #2 Who is Best Suited to Help Him/Her?

Your next concern after knowing your child needs professional guidance is getting the best coach that can help. You may also want to get recommendation from professional organizations such as the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC). Better yet, check also for the credentials of the college coach!  Do they possess graduate degrees from reputable universities is a valuable factor to consider.

TIP #3 The Kind of Help You Need for Them

Good college and career coaches hardly claim to possess any influence on college admissions or that they can pull some strings to help you get into a specific university or a particular job beyond helping with the necessary decision making and or technical application procedures and formats. For them, the child should write the application letter in his or her own voice. In terms of resume writing, helping the professional effectively write their experiences without embellishments is a true mark of a career coach. Thus, it’s important to be wary of such frivolous claims!  As the old saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

TIP#4 Find Alternative Help for your Child

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by the process; your child may not feel comfortable with a particular coach; it could be that your child has special concerns; or that for one or two reasons you don’t believe in the coach recommended for you. Then, it may be of help to find alternative options for your child and that includes seeking the help of family members, relatives, or private consultants.

Having explained the roles, benefits and cautions of college and career coaching, perhaps you would want to plan in great detail the task on hand.  If we are talking about college planning, you want to know the timeline for admissions, the required tests, direct guidance in writing the essay, the right major for your child, the “perfect fit” school for your child taking in consideration your military educational benefits, home state, relatives in the vicinity of the college or university, overall cost, scholarships available, etc.

On the other hand, if you are planning a career switch or embarking on a new career—your priority list include -to find a career where you knowledge, skills and abilities will be best utilized, the compensation package you will be happy with, the work environment that you desire, and most of all, the job that will give you the most satisfaction.

If one of those two areas is your goal in tackling, I invite you to spend 40 minutes on call with me at ZERO cost to you and let’s explore if you and I could partner up on an intensive VIP Coaching Session or a 90-Day Mentorship Program.  The choice is yours today!


PS: Pictures above are from my time serving as an Education and Career Counselor for the Department of the Navy.  It warms my heart to see my humble beginnings and serving our sailors and their families achieve their academic and career goals. Go, Navy!



[1] http://www.notjustapaycheck.com/articles/fiverolesofcoach.html


[2] http://www.notjustapaycheck.com/articles/fiverolesofcoach.html



My Job Is Slowly Crushing My Soul

job problem

Today was… well, another difficult one. So you’re back in the house, in a foul mood. After a glass of water (perhaps wine too) and a long pause, you remember the question you were asked a couple of minutes ago. “Hey, how was work today?” “Terrible my dear,” you say. But it has been like this every other day. In your head, you’re planning on enrolling for a degree or a certificate program at the local college so you can bargain for a better salary, negotiate a promotion, or simply get another job because you are “done” –so done with your current job.  Be careful this time. Listen…

Most of us, are in a rush to get work after college, any job, especially those ones with fancy titles. We hardly give it a thought “what it is”, “what it is that we actually want”, “what is good for us”, “the value we’ll get from it in the long run”, and whether we’re not only interested but also able to perform the required tasks with high efficiency.

Drawbacks of Falling Into the Wrong Career

First fault! Think of it like this. It sounds great to have a job, particularly for us women who are “trailing spouses”- we follow our spouse’s careers and our lifestyle is highly mobile. Most of the time, we search for job openings for various reasons: a) to get out of the house each morning, b) to contribute to the family income, c) to earn extra income for family vacations and travel or even fund higher education for the children (or yourself),  and d) to socialize and become part of something bigger than ourselves. Then we commit to the offer that first come along …out of fear of not having a job and the burden to keep on scouring for position announcements. Oh and don’t forget the ego deflating experience of not getting selected after several interviews.

But the truth is, having the wrong job or being in the wrong career is like a poison slowly crushing your soul. Having the wrong job affects not only one’s professional life but also his/her personal life, worse including the people closest to you. When choosing the right career path, you have to be smart and discerning. You’ll have to look into the different aspects of the job (including the compensation package) and then decide whether it is suitable for you later on. The process of reflecting over the right career field and job title could be tedious. However, it will save you heartaches, frustrations and unhappiness.

Importance of Choosing the Right Career Path  

Choosing the right career path has its share of benefits. Job satisfaction and career fulfillment are the surest ways to happiness and success. When the organization you are working for allows you the time and space to enjoy your personal interests while contributing to the goals of the company, then you’ll more likely to stay. If your work presents to you the kind of challenges that enhance your skills and make you feel important, then, regardless of the pay, you will be happier to be a team member.  When the organizational culture is uplifting and promotes the perfect blend of work/life balance — I am pretty sure you are vested for this company because I would be too!

According to some of the most recent studies on career planning, choosing the right career path boils down to the following key concerns —personal interests and ambitions. Here are a few other factors to consider:

Personal Interests

To begin with, answering these questions is your starting point: “What’s in the big picture?”, “Who are you?”, ” What do you want in life?”, “How is college or professional development classes going to help you become that person you want to be?”

It’s unfortunate not to be aware of your interests because then you are more vulnerable to hearsay and be easily  influenced by others; when YOU should be guided by the truth about yourself, the job realities and your innate talents as a person. Picture this scenario– computer programming is a good career but why would you major in it if the thought of sitting in front of a computer is NOT your ideal work situation? Another one, why would you be in a customer service-oriented career when you don’t prefer talking to people each day? See, this is why you must sit down with an expert or a professional who will assist you in sorting things out, a lifestyle strategist or a professional education and career counselor is your best bet!


Closely linked to your interests is your passion. It’s essential to know what excites and energizes you. However, it’s possible that you don’t feel as passionate about a specific career–you just know that this is where you will earn the money.  You doubt yourself for making that choice. If that’s the case, you’ll need to know your personality, reflect on your skills, strengths, and choose a career that you can do with ease. Something that feels “natural” to you, passion will arise before you know it.

Even if you don’t enjoy your present career 100% at first, you would not have difficulties accomplishing your assignments IF you have the right skills set in place. Sometimes being in a new career field or position has a learning curve.  Consider the question, “What makes your heart sing?”. The answer will direct you to the things that you love doing and the work involve may not feel work after all at the end of the day.


Once you’ve identified a suitable career path to belong to, based on your personal interest inventory and realities in the job market; the next step is to  look for a course or program that will help you gain the right knowledge and skills that will point towards that direction. General studies is often great for undergraduates, but it may be too broad and you will have difficulty creating a niche or specialization. A specialty course (especially if you have done well with your personal reflection, research and consultations about your interests) may prove to be your clear path towards professional and personal success.

After determining the certificate or degree program you plan to aim for, there are four things you would want from a good college or university: 1)  does the college have the right tools for your training (skills enhancement and theoretical knowledge), 2) how about the fees; is it affordable and 3), of course you also need to know how the courses are taught–online, seated classes or combination of both, and 4)  if credits are awarded and if the grades are transferable.

One last note, before joining a college or university, find out if it requires a standardized test score such as the SAT or ACT prior to applying.

Corporate Training

Now that we’re talking about training, can corporate training boost an organization’s bottom line? Well, it’s not easy to tell, besides, other than the big names like Starbucks, Jet Blue and Chrysler, not many companies evaluate returns made by their employees attending higher education. But according to a new study, companies have a lot to gain by supporting their employees’ postsecondary education. Hint..hint…these companies are investing in their people –a good sign! It will be a good interview question to know if there are professional development or tuition benefit opportunities within than company.

A good example is Cigna, the health-care giant, which posted $38 billion in revenues in 2015 as return of investment (ROI) on the education of its more than 2,200 employees who took part in their education-reimbursement program for 2012-2014. The workers also benefited during and after the program by getting promotions and wage increments. The wages of participating entry level workers for instance grew by 57% for the three years compared to those who did not participate in the education-reimbursement program.

Career Plan

As with most things in life, choosing the right career path can never be easy if you do not have proper goals and plans for it. A good career plan must be in line with your ambitions and growth (both personal and professional). For instance, if you want to be a writer, perhaps the next step would be an editor. So the question would be, “How do you intend to achieve that?” Logically, next step you’d want to teach and mentor young and upcoming writers because that will give you the leadership and mentoring skills.

As I always say, “be specific”, does your plan have the details alongside your ambitions? Here is the secret, if you’re going back to college or planning to take on a professional development program, you must have a reason for doing that, reflect on your interests, and make a good plan that maps out exactly where you want to go.  Same is true in scaling a business –day one will be a lemonade stand and somewhere down the line, the same business is the one supplying various kinds of beverages for restaurants, amusement parks, theaters, etc. Always plan for the future in great detail, carve out time in making it happen, because before you know it, you have outgrown your current position, and you are ready to expand and move forward to a new adventure!

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Choosing a career because of your parents,
  • Choosing the first job that comes your way,
  • Choosing a career because of its fancy title,
  • Choosing a job solely based on the salary and benefits package,


Finally, as a word of caution, there are no shortcuts to success. You have to work for it…HARD and you have to be willing to invest in yourself.

For more personal insights, spend at least 40 minutes with me today and let’s find out if we could partner in my intensive VIP coaching session. Alternatively, you can apply for my 90-day mentorship program and you will never regret. Let’s chat!   







Do More in Less Time: the 90-day Concept that will Change Your Life and Career

Change your Life and Career

Not so long ago, we told you there comes a time when you are down and out, in a slump, and with nowhere or anyone to turn to. In the article; want to take over activities at the White house? We also told you about the principle the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.

Today however, I bring you The 90 Day Concept that will not only allow you to do more in less time but also transform your life and career. Most popular with this principle is Eric Worre. You may already know him. Mr. Worre is a professional network marketer, a motivational speaker and a business advisor.

A lot has been said about this guy but based on his story, his life and fortune changed in September 1992 when he first adopted the 90 day concept and later soar further midyear 2005 when he put the concept to test a second time. From struggling & “making ends meet”, Eric now claims a huge portion of financial freedom.

Interestingly enough are his arguments on the 90 day concept. Eric says that success loves speed and a no-nonsense period of intense work. He says the concept can surely change your life from one seen as inferior to an average level, extraordinary, and a legendary status. According to the marketing expert, the slow and steady mentality doesn’t win the race that is life. Worre says that “once in a while you need a boost in energy, which you should maintain for some time before moving to the next level.”

So much about that, the 90 day concept is about planning an aspect (or several aspects) about your life and career on a three month basis. It’s about setting a particular goal (in my case, I always set 3 goals –life, family, and career) and remember not only planning but also working to achieve it within the annual quarterly time frame. When it comes to this concept, you don’t have to ‘crawl’ forever in life or even at work. It includes the following steps and the explanation for each pertains to work and business building but could be applied elsewhere:


Set your goal.  This could be about your expected promotion to the next rank at the work place or the amount of increase in earnings you expect from work or your business venture. Use the SMART goal-setting guide: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely.


Mind your pre-launch. This is the time before you start your 90 day period of intense work and sacrifice. At this point, you’ll not only plan and prepare but also gather whatever else you might require during the 90 days such as resolve any issues with family, friends, colleagues etc that you may need to address before you begin; take an inventory of your available resources; things you may need in the process (even skills set you need to learn).

List down ALL the tasks you can think of to move towards goal completion.  I usually set a timer for 20 minutes and start writing down the required steps in making the goal happen. I move away from my list once the timer goes off. Yes, I take a brief mental break and I do it again until I have listed down all the necessary action steps to reach my goal.

Once I have the big picture with all the details,  I go to my calendar and start scheduling the action steps.  Tip: Anything not scheduled will NEVER happen.  So, go ahead and schedule an appointment with yourself to decompress regularly –a spa visit is always a nice reward for your hardwork!


Launch your “90 day Plan”: this is the time you start your ‘all out massive action plan ‘. At this point, you are IN for your goal and you expect NO less than stellar achievement at the end of the 90 day period. While at it, you are likely to increase your working hours, interact less with your family or friends, spend more time away from your favorite programs on television, and also you are likely to radically reduce weight (which may be a good thing) BUT please make it a priority to be healthy.  Of course, the intensity of your implementation phase is dependent on the magnitude of the goal.  Make sure to align your priorities and schedule accordingly.


The 90 day concept is somewhat interpreted differently at the work place compared to business building. It scores a significant meaning to you as an individual and to your employer. The 90 day concept often implies your first 90 days at a particular job that you are likely newly recruited or promoted in. But even with this, Worre’s 90 day work plan still applies (only the specifics vary).  Most often, when we finally get selected for the job, we get all giddy and dreamy!  We tend to lose our focus because we finally got the job that we have been waiting for –all we can think about now is starting work and follow the stream where it will take us.


HOWEVER,  it is more beneficial if we keep our sight in the prize via WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) and HCIGV (How Can I Give Value).   According to Forbes Magazine, you have the first three months to learn the ropes around a new job. And while at it, they suggest you take the following 11 tips:


  1. Understand how your manager and the organization in general measure success;
  2. Take your colleagues out for lunch or coffee to understand more about your job;
  3. Identify people in the organization that you can trust to help you learn and grow;
  4. Take your time to understand the organization and products or services offered;
  5. Strike a conversation with people with whom you don’t often interact to gather more info;
  6. Seek to understand the big picture even if your particular job is that of entry level;
  7. Set up a pattern of being trustworthy mainly through your commitments and action;
  8. Make it a habit to keep track of your time and write status reports you can refer to;
  9. Meet your manager regularly, set the agenda and discuss your progress and improvement;
  10. Also, you may find it effective to under promise but over deliver on your assignments;
  11. And you’ll also remember to be friendly to other employees but with professional limits;


On the other hand, if you happen to be the employer who has hired a new employee then your application of the 90 day concept will slightly differ. ONE important task to remember is to engage the new employee by regularly communicating with them, once in a while take them out for lunch or coffee (get to know them as a person with aspirations), maintain an open door policy at the office, include both short and long term goals for the new hire (setting the expectations both ways), carry out a regular employee review to assess their progress at the end of the period or advice on points of improvement.  Lastly, once in a while sponsor a “get together” for your staff.  This is the human relations step during the first 90 days ALL employers need to prioritize — COMMUNICATION & SOCIALIZATION: these two factors are crucial in strengthening the company culture.


So, why 90 days? A book to read regarding this topic is The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter by Michael D. Watkins.  He views that your first 90 days on the job is in fact a transition.  A role shift takes place during this change.  Watkins emphasized that a quarter is a recognized time frame in the business world, “companies often track how much progress they make each quarter –and you should too.”  Anything we don’t keep track does not expand.


I am BIG believer of the 90 day concept, I have applied this in my transitions to new jobs (scored myself several free trips and career ladder opportunities) and most importantly, I built my first brick and mortar business, Early Learners International School (and other businesses after that) by executing a “90-day No Fail Plan.” Remember, anything you don’t measure or watch out–it will never grow or get accomplished! Grab a copy of my 90 Day Concept template to get you started in mapping out your goals.

To work with me in solidifying the 90 Day Concept and accomplishing more in less time; I only open 3 one-on-one spots at a time, reserve yours in my 90-Day Mentorship TODAY and accelerate your life!





Ten Portable Careers for Women with Mobile Lifestyle

Women with Mobile Lifestyle

For some people work just has to be away from home. Even the so called side hustle would have to be elsewhere, away from the family. For others a home office is more than welcome for work.

For us women, there’s more than a single reason you would want to work at home. If it’s not for your partner then it has to do with staying close to the kids or maybe caring for an elderly parent.

Being a military spouse, life is highly mobile and for that reason, given the options, I’d prefer portable careers for women with mobile lifestyle or let’s just call them “work at home careers”.

Now, working at home takes hard work, self-discipline, and respect for time. Perhaps you would also want to let in your other family members so they understand, but first, you’d have to identify the right opportunities for you that fits your personality 7 skills, which are legitimate and can monetize your skills, knowledge and abilities.

Take a look, here are ten portable careers for women with a mobile lifestyle :

Career 1

Freelance Writing: Digital Content Blogging & Travel Planning

 I have a personal bias for this one; perhaps because blogging and traveling are my creative outlets. All it takes is time to have enough experience but you don’t necessarily need a lot of training or a degree for that matter. You can choose from a variety of markets; eBooks, newspapers, magazines, website copies, sales letters and white papers; the market for new articles is so vast you can dive in and profit. Perhaps it’s also important to know what you’d need to start: samples of your work in a particular niche, tools including computer, fast internet access, and the job boards such as Upwork and Fiverr.

As a military spouse, we have a mobile lifestyle –we could be stateside or somewhere overseas.  We love to travel and explore every chance we can get.  In fact, spouse groups dedicated to traveling on social media platforms are thriving!  You may opt to share your experience in traveling and offer your service of building itineraries for a modest fee.  Another option is to sign up in a franchise system like Cruise Planners and become an independent cruise/travel planner.

Career 2

Freelance Consultation

Consultants such as myself offer services or technical advice for a fee. You might for instance; help a new business get media attention by writing related press releases and distributing them to the proper channels. Essentially, if you have proven skills in an area or are recognized in given specialty then you can market yourself as a consultant therefore offer your services from home. But it’s not an easy to start, just like a business start up which is the case for this category, it will need time and processes to get to a point to have a booked calendar.

Other than education and experience, you will need to show your clients that you are qualified enough to advise them and be able to deliver the results they need. Also, you’ll have to keep up with professional development courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and networking events to be updated, meet prospective clients, and even getting introduced to possible mentors.

Career 3

Online Courses And Tutorials

Other than offering your wisdom via consults, you can also offer your knowledge and expertise online. The truth is people are always willing to learn new and different things in life, we have reached an era where formal education is not the only source of valuable information. If you are a fitness expert for instance you can start training sessions around the vicinity of your home where you’ll exhibit your coaching skills for onsite clients and document the same for your online learners who are geographically far from you.

Pay attention– even your hobbies have helped you develop skills that you can monetize from. A few examples: meditation, dancing, cooking, gardening, yoga, foreign languages, playing a musical instrument, dog training, artistry, soap making, jewelry making, child care a.k.a. babysitting, event planning, etc the list is endless!

For online courses and tutorials, you’d want to get the following right: 1) your expertise and unique idea, 2) well thought-out and consistent schedule, 3) considerable price, packages, and marketing plan.  Where to teach you said? You can start with your local community center to test the water and build a following  and when you are ready, explore the online world via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that offer professional and personal development classes.

Career 4

 Customer Care Service Or Call Center Jobs

If you have a great telephone voice, ability to organize information quickly, and a quiet room in your home then you are sitting on a possible income generating opportunity. You can make      money working for a firm as a call agent. Several firms have this opportunity and together with their average pay, which is mostly $9 per hour, they also offer other benefits. You’ll be equipped        with computers and relevant software.

For a call center agent working at home, you’ll need the following; the right firm – not a scam, diligence, the right equipment – if not provided, patience with clients, great poise, and ambition. A reliable job board for this is Rat Race Rebellion. The founders of Rat Race Rebellion, Christine Durst and Michael Haaren (I personally have had the opportunity to interview Michael for a graduate research project many moons ago) wrote the two books: The 2-Second Commute and Work At Home Now.

Career 5

Arts and Crafts

If you have a knack for creating beautiful handmade things then you can sure make some money wherever you are. There’s a growing trend and online market for vintage and domestic products. The good news is that the internet is full of market outlets for your kind of crafts and art. Etsy for instance, is one of the well-known sites that give artists the opportunity to sell their merchandise.

Selling items on some of these sites is however not easy, you may sign up at Etsy or build your own e-commerce site using Shopify. There’s a lot of competition for sure. In order to succeed, you’ll need to research on what the others are offering and what sets your creations apart from the rest before you decide on your own. So, creating your niche market is highly advised from the start.

To build your loyal tribe, you may start by joining local craft fairs and fundraisers.  At the preschool we founded, Early Learners International School we held fundraisers such as our Spring Bazaar and Carnival where we supported small business owners and featured their products and/or services.

Career 6

Network Marketing

More people have been getting in on this lately. In fact, it’s been experiencing a steady rise in the past two years. There’s a lot of information on this online but for starters it’s NOT a must you walk door to door with goods.  Social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram have helped direct selling distributors immensely. If you have the right marketing and sales skills, this area may be of advantage to you!

You will be marketing products and services for companies using a web of agencies or contact persons from whose online and physical sales you’ll be able to earn a given percentage or commission. Your platform may range from onsite home parties, virtual parties, challenges and so on and forth.  One more thing to note about this is that there’s no easy way around it. You’ll have to put in the hours. In fact, about 70 percent of network marketers spend less than 15 hours per week on their business. You can do slightly more for a start depending on your work and other commitments.

Common pitfall I have observed, the direct selling business also goes by trends, a lot of distributors or consultants do not even reach their first year in business.  Why? They lose the motivation.  A lot of initiative and creativity are needed to survive in this type of business.  Too often, most people sign up because they got sold to the “financial freedom dream”, while it is possible to achieve, they often forget that there is a process from point A to point B. More on that later.

Career 7

Medical Transcriptions

Doctors often make audio notes on patients and are rarely willing to pay full time transcriptionists –so this is an opportunity. This work requires great computer skills and ease with medical jargon. To be able to work from home doing medical transcriptions or other related career you’ll have to be a good typist. Getting your first assignment might not be easy but once you do, you’ll       have to be diligent, punctual, and deliver quality customer service. Short courses abound if this area is of interest to you.

Career 8

Survey Participant

Survey participants earn an average of $100 per hour by giving video feedback on new products, technologies, new websites, and marketing campaigns among others. For this work you’ll need a webcam. In order to participate, register with a credible site, and once you are in, log on to your account dashboard then look up for current assignments that match your skills after which you’ll     complete a test survey to determine whether you qualify to be fully incorporated into the survey.

Career 9

Social Media Manager or Online Business Manager

This one is the other mega portable careers for women with mobile lifestyle today. Everyone from multinational companies, government corporations, non-governmental organizations, and leaders (politicians) are using social media today to market their products and services and also boost their brands and online presence by having an efficient business manager. The good news you don’t have to be physically present assuming these roles.

Career 10

Virtual Assistants

Several other women are earning six figure digits per year working as Virtual Assistants. The big earners are said to be running multi-VA syndicates. But everyone begins from somewhere so you     can look up The Bookstrap VA, or The Blogger’s VA.

Like freelance blogging and consultations you need the right tools including laptop, smartphone, and access to fast internet access as well as right social connections and reliably new information for most of these income generating activities. Other prime portable careers for women with mobile lifestyle include: selling stuff on Ebay, CraigList, and Amazon among others, clicking on ads and being secret shoppers.

One last note, if you decide to dive in to one of the careers above —you are also starting your own business.  Too often, I see others fail when they enter these career areas. WHY? Because eventually it becomes an expensive HOBBY and not an income generating business, IF you are in this position, let’s chat and let me help you map out a business game plan for you.




Tuition-Free Online Professional Development Courses for Busy-Career Woman

Busy-Career Woman

Are you a working mom and you want to return to college? Or perhaps been wanting a job promotion with a pay raise? Or you just want to learn new skills to rejoin the workforce? Well, this might seem impossible because of the many demands both at work and at home. The truth is– often it seems far fetched to many. But it is completely possible. Since the 1980’s, women’s admission into higher education institutions in the US has grown to about 12 million.

According to reports by USNews.com, working women have continued to dominate online study programs in the US since 1987, with a majority of them being mothers aged 25 and above. Also, in today’s economy and job market, going back to college is a necessary step to achieve a higher pay scale and career advancement.

To help you stay competitive in your career, there are several online professional development courses for you. Other than helping you stay “job ready” or “marketable”, some of these courses will help you expand your career knowledge and keep you updated on workforce trends. The best part is that most of these on line resources available now are ZERO tuition or with minimal fees (please avoid the expensive diploma mill schools out there!).

Regardless of your field of expertise, taking additional professional development courses will also help improve your skills and productivity. To boost your growth professionally, you can take one or two of these accelerated online courses in the following fields at your own convenience

1.Medical Coding

This can be a very good point to start at. Medical coding requires strong communication skills, which is crucially essential part of being a good wife and mother. In addition to that, this field also involves record keeping, which requires a good sense of organization – common in moms.

There are various medical coding programs online. However, I’d prefer one by Clay Martin and his team of code coaches. He is a certified professional coder with more than a decade years of experience teaching coding in various colleges. Click: https://www.udemy.com/medical-coding-icd-10-cm-training/ or https://www.udemy.com/high-demand-health-careers/ for additional info.

2.Project Management

Develop your project management skills and get paid more! If you like managing project execution, and ensuring adherence to budget, schedule and scope –this may be a career for you. According to O-Net On line, an Information Technology Project Manager’s median hourly rate in 2014 is $40.10 or $83,410 annually.  Check out the Project Management Certificate from San Diego State University’s College of Extended Studies (CES).

3.Real Estate

If you thought real estate is only reserved to a select few,  then think again. There’s been resurgence in real estate industry and this is one of the courses that makes perfect sense for busy moms today. It’s about self-management. You can manage your clients at your own convenience

There are various aspects about this course including; basics, investments, flipping, photography, and marketing among others. You may look around for one that fits you well. However, Symon He’s Real Estate Investing: Complete Investment Analysis is doing pretty well on Udemy. Find more about him and the course at link: https://www.udemy.com/real-estate-investment-analysis/.

4.Pharmacy Technician

And if you are thinking about changing a career towards the healthcare industry then pharmacy is one of those up for your consideration. Based on an earlier report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), new opportunities as pharmacy technicians are increasingly more than typical of all other careers now

If interested, become a pharmacy technician with an online professional course in the same from Udemy by Steven Pettit. Click: https://www.udemy.com/pharmtech/.

5.Administrative Assistant

In our article, portable careers for women with mobile lifestyle, we realized women are earning six figure digits annually working as Virtual Assistants (VAs). A professional course in administrative assistant will not only help you get the required skills to work as a VA, it will also allow you be the good mom you want to be while working. Online courses in it are most flexible.

Again, various institutions have varied names for this. However, many of them teach it either as Virtual Assistant or Administrative Assistant. It’s best you get the certification from a reputable institution like Expert Rating via: https://www.expertrating.com/certifications/Administrative-Assistant-Certification/Administrative-Assistant-Certification.asp.

In addition to these, other online professional development courses up for consideration include: web development using html or CSS, JavaScript for beginners, intermediate and advanced, iOS 9 Swift and developer from beginner to paid professional, Android 6, Angular JS, SQL Database, CompTIA Networks+ Certification, KiCad, MPLS Fundamentals, and AWS Certified Solutions.

Other popular online professional development courses for the busy– career moms today include: Computer skills: Photoshop, InDesign, Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint, Business Communication, Financial Analysis and Accounting, Relevant Career Laws and Ethics, Entrepreneurship, SWOT Analysis, Business Planning, Operations, and Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence as well as Customer Service, Human Resource, Leadership and Management, and Marketing.

Even though virtual and traditional institutions have made learning more flexible by introducing online professional courses such as the ones above, still, studying has been a challenge to many busy women who imagine its improbable or too hard given their tight working schedules but on the flip side, some have continued to defy such beliefs and they’ve lived to confess the rewards.

So, are you a working spouse? Do you wish to learn a new skill? How about get a better paying job? Well, education is said to never end, and it’s not for kids only. Go online and you’ll find a professional course that will give just that. What’s more? Some of the courses will not only work with your work schedule but are also offered for free. If you are not convinced yet, read about Jessica Brayden, director of Respond, and Michele Wienraub, nurse at Cherry Creek School District.

To fellow military spouses, there’re security and online military basics among other professional courses out there. With such, you’ll not only study at the comfort of your own home, you will be able to better understand your spouse, the work he/she does, what you can do during emergencies as well as how to be of help to your partner and others at your duty station in case the unexpected happens.

And lastly on this, when looking for a professional course; emphasize on quality for your money, flexibility, and convenience. Find out more about the other cited professional online courses via these sites:

  1. Free Courses via Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)




Open Culture

Academic Earth

University of the People

2.Certificate Programs from reputable universities

San Diego State University’s College of Extended Studies

UCLA Extension

University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education

UC Berkeley Continuing and Professional Education

University of Maryland Extension

Academic Extension at the University of Oregon

The University of Texas at Austin

University of Wisconsin-Extension

Columbia University School of Continuing Education

Brown University

eCornell :an online subsidiary of Cornell University

Duke University Continuing Studies

Open Yale Courses

NYU School of Professional Studies

Emory University – Continuing Education

Princeton University –Continuing Education

Stanford University –Continuing Studies

If you feel overwhelmed sorting out all these resources and wondering what will be the best fit according to your professional and personal needs, let’s chat and I will help you figure it out.




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Want To Take Over Activities At The White House? Dream!


Want To Take Over Activities At The White House? Dream!

I have received quite a few messages & questions after posting my letter to my daughter, Elise regarding “Redefining Success.”  One of the questions I would wish to answer is, “What is your favorite quote?”  I have a several but there’s one that rings true whenever I hear myself say, “Wouldn’t be nice to…” or hear others say, “I would want to… BUT…”

There comes a time you are down and out, in a slump, with nowhere to turn and no hope in sight. Such is the time you want to throw in the towel and quit. But listen, you are not alone. Someone has been right where you are, all of them, right from Melinda Gates, Martha Stewart, and Oprah.

Oprah Winfrey Had Her Share of Adversities, Worse Perhaps

Speaking about the television proprietor and icon, her story must be known to you. Winfrey has been labeled the most influential woman world over, ranked the richest African American, and currently one of the two “black” billionaires in North America. But you know all that don’t you?

Well, even though your situation might be special, it is certainly not worse. Oprah’s was perhaps. Think about it. She was sexually abused at age nine, became pregnant at 14, her son died in infancy, in her teens, she wore dresses made of potato sacks for which she was constantly scorned on the way to school.

Want To Take Over Activities At The White House? Dream!

So much has been told about the phenomenal Oprah. But one thing is for sure. Despite her start, she had a talent to showcase the world and a dream to live. And this is perhaps what Eleanor Roosevelt meant when she said what has now become a cliché; “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

So what? Don’t you have something special to show the world as well? I believe you do. A talent in art perhaps; craft, music, dance, or sports. Could it be that like Victoria Woodhull did you also wish to take over activities at the White House? Or is it that you want a leap forward in your work or business.

But The Dream Is Free, Hustle Is Sold Separately Though


My favorite quote, “The Dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately” hangs by our kitchen.

Well, the road to success is not a smooth one. Along the way there is blood, sweat and tears. It is rough, bumpy, and full of adversities. For women like us, it feels much difficult, especially since despite our level of advancement, the society still has certain expectations of us, which in my opinion are not very friendly for our progress. But, like Waldo Emerson said: “Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing,” if we hustle enough, we can overcome.

Consider this. Back in the year 2012, as a new mother and a military spouse living in Okinawa, Japan, I wanted to find a way to be successful without giving up my family. But I felt that I was not being true to myself, partly because societal standards in my opinion have put on us certain “burdens” as women.

My Own Dream to Start and Run a Preschool

I had a successful career. I gave up what society expected of me. And I took my daughter Elise to daycare. So I could continue pursuing my career. But something did not feel right. I had an aching in my heart for leaving my daughter. It weighed down on me. I kept thinking about it.

So I looked around Okinawa’s early childhood development programs and I realized something I could offer. Something I would not only be successful at but one that would align my values with a successful career.

Armed with many years of experience working in preschool and a master’s degree in Education, I created the right curriculum and set forth in building a preschool. But that would not be easy.

Share of Setbacks on the Path to Success

I was told countless times I could not run a business in the country because one; I did not speak Japanese, second; I have a mobile life, and third; despite my experience, I certainly did not know how to start a business in a foreign country.

So what did I do? I blocked my ears to those telling me I couldn’t. I listened to my inner voice, I held my faith close to my heart, and followed my new dream. And what’s more? I sought to find a solution for every reason they gave for my supposed failure.

On April 8, 2013, some three months after I quit my “safe civil service job” we opened the Early Learners International School in Okinawa with three students and three members of staff. But on June 14, 2014, we had our first preschool graduation with 85 students and 12 members of staff. We maintained our enrollment statistics the next school year but June 2015 Graduation —I was not physically there.

My family and I received orders to relocate to Manama, Bahrain for two years 2015-2017.  Did we think twice about letting my husband go on his own? What will happen to ELIS in Okinawa, Japan? Should my daughter and I stay in Okinawa?  There was only one answer.  We follow where the military asks us to go.  Without any reservations, we will not break up our family of three no matter what.

Finally Hope in Sight, More to Come to You Too

Looking back in September 2, 2014, when we started our second school year with two additional classrooms to cater for the extra classes and today we have certainly grown bigger. The following year, Early Learners International School welcomed School Year 2015-2016 while my family and I relocated to Manama, Bahrain in June.  I have been running our brick and mortar preschool business 100% remotely.  This is without a doubt despite of the NO’s I was given before and even in the present time. So what I’m I saying? That success is the attainment of our purpose but also our dreams, which might weaken if we don’t hustle. The dream is free, hustle is sold separately.

Not a single soul with make it happen for you and I.  The only person who can move the needle is YOU.  I made my decision to always prioritize my family, to build a brick and mortar business that will secure my family and I during our retirement years, to create a life without regret, and more importantly to be fully present in the lives of my husband and daughter while I carve my niche in the world expressing my passions.

We have big, hairy, audacious goals and these could be achieved by taking action, “The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.”  There will be major hesitations, stumbling blocks, and even heartaches that could not be avoided.  It will be my strongest suggestion to borrow a leaf from William Ward’s four steps to achievement, which include: To plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively, and to pursue persistently.   

What is your favorite quote?  Do share below.

Career Tip #1 : Top 3 Tips On How To Pay For A Graduate Degree

This question comes up frequently during casual conversations with friends, fellow military spouses, group forums, and FB Group pages.

How to pay for a graduate degree?

Click on the ARROW below and take a listen.


How to pay for a graduate degree?


So, there you have it:

1) Work for a university or college that provides employee tuition benefits.

2) Scholarships and Grants***

3) Federal Loan BUT have a plan for your ROI (Return of Investment).

***If you wish to know more about the NMFA, MyCAA and NMCRS’ Spouse Tuition Assistance Program after checking the links below, please go to http://www.zensavvymomma.com/contact/ —I will be happy to answer your questions and guide you in the process.

Organizations and websites mentioned:

a. Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) -Education Assistance


b. National Military Family Association (NMFA) – Spouses + Scholarship


c. My CAA (browser must be Internet Explorer)


d. Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Okinawa – if you are stationed in Okinawa, Japan


Best regards,