Why Should I Have A Side Hustle?

Ah, this is one of the most common questions I encounter and I am an advocate of side hustles and multiple income streams, so I am tackling this question with a lot of passion…hang tight!

You are feeling miserable that your current job is not giving you the financial satisfaction you are looking for. At the same time, you fear of risk, and a side hustle is a “No, No” for you.

You come up with several excuses why you cannot quit your current job–you are right! Quitting your job should not be in your mind if you have not found a better opportunity or a replacement income. But why can’t you have a side hustle? You are better off going for a side-hustle, if you will ask me.

FACT: Your current company is more concerned of the profits it makes and not really how to better your life as an employee. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, having one source of income is just too risky! Actually it is suicidal! Remember the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”

A side hustle can be executed during your free time, if you are able to carve out 30 minutes or more on senseless chitchats or mindless browsing on social media that don’t really add much value in your life. Time lost could not be replaced, might as well make the most of it and use it wisely.

Maybe you are not compelled to earn extra. But doesn’t it feel nice to have a few extra coins in the pocket? These extra pennies could mean making a dream into a reality, blessing a family member or relative in need, or serve as an extra cushion for the rainy days. By practical definition, a side hustle is a way to make some extra cash that is not from your mainstream job. It allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in. This could be referred to as dispensable income or others may use the term “fun money.”

But apart from the extra cash that comes with a side hustle, there are several other reasons why one needs to have a side job. Here are a few that I feel strongly about:

  1. Financial Freedom

We all strive to reach a point in our lives where we do not have to worry about the simplest of things like food, eating out. Right? I know you also want to have enough money, not only for your basic needs, but extra cash that will give you the freedom to go where you want, eat what you want, and start up development projects! A side hustle can provide the financial freedom we all are looking for!

Secondly, when you are side hustling while being employed, your tendency is not to sell your products or offer your services at a “desperation” fee, because you have a job that actually covers your necessary expenses. You are not desperate to earn money from your side hustle to make sure there is food on the table. You can be selective of the type of work and the clients you wish to serve. The beauty of not coming from the mentality of desperation is this, you will discern the client who sees the true value of your product or service and he/she is more than willing to pay for the price that you have established. No haggling, no guilty feeling on your part that you may be overpricing. Set your price to what is fair and what will make you feel happy for your product or work — and do not look back! After all, this is our main objective for entrepreneurship, to be paid for our real value.

  1. It Gives You An Opportunity To Do What You Love

Most of the time, our normal or day job is not entirely what we are passionate about, to some perhaps a fraction. Most often than not, you get duties that are required of you in line with your job description, which may not necessarily something you enjoy doing. But a side hustle, as small business owner, your tasks are your personal choice! You can make it as interesting as you want so long as you are doing it right. You may opt to operate on your zone of genius and hire out the things you are not good at and you have no interest all BUT are necessary to grow your venture.

  1. Exposes You to New Experiences

A formal education can earn you a living but self-education can make you a fortune- Jim Rohn. Having a side hustle does not mean that you have to restrict yourself to the skills you have learned from your current job. It also doesn’t mean that you go for something you absolutely no knowledge about. Focus on your transferable skills, this way you are limiting the learning curve! Your passion may be parallel to the skills and interests you have, sometimes, you may have to take the time and effort to learn additional skills in order to succeed.

Find out what excites you and start developing skills towards that direction. It can help you acquire new skills and genuine experiences easily if you have the interest factor taken care of. With time, you might reach a point where you will be making enough from your side hustle to become your primary source of income.

  1. It’s Your Plan B

Setting aside extra money in your pocket regularly is an insurance policy. Have you ever thought of being fired? Do you have a back up income worth at least eight months of living expenses? Most certainly, just like many Americans, your answer is a NO! Now you realize why a backup income plan is important.

Fully relying on what may seem as a stable job is risky! If you are to be served with the pink slip today, you still have bills to pay, you still need food to eat, and life goes on! Your responsibilities will not go away because your job ended. This is where a side hustle comes to the rescue as your lifeline! What you earn from it may not match your day full time job’s salary, but it will make your situation better! It will help you financially and emotionally as you transition out. It may also give you the opportunity to ponder and make your side hustle into a full time gig.

  1. Ride On Your Employer’s Brand

When you have been hired to work for a name brand, it is easy to push a side hustle through your offerings while leveraging on your employer’s brand. The work you do for your employer creates a significant portfolio for you!

Projects that you do at work could be used as samples of your work for the side hustle, granted of course you are within the ethical and legal boundaries! Side hustlers are usually deemed to be high performers in their regular jobs. WHY? Because they have their stakes high and are focused not to waste time during office hours.

Since you have a job, what you earn from a side hustle can be reinvested back to grow a business in a sutainable manner.

Therefore, don’t fear risk and failure! Side hustle is the best deal when it comes to making that needed extra cash to pursue philanthropy, passion projects or business; ultimately making life more interesting. As women, we are multifaceted, we are stimulated by various things. Our day jobs should not define us, side hustles provide a creative outlet and enables us to contribute our talents and skills for the betterment of others.





Things To Check Before You Travel For Business


There is hardly enough time for a career woman to pack her stuff in the wake of a business trip. Most often than not, we realize at our destination that we have forgotten a lot of important things that should have topped our packing list.

As a career woman, I sometimes forget my laptop charger while on a business trip. I had to buy a new one which is more expensive than the one I would have purchased from my home country.

Leaving out necessary items for the trip  can sometimes  be blamed on our busy schedule of trying to balance between being a successful proffessional, a wife, and, or a mother.

This article is therefore intended to help us, women figure out a checklist as we look foward to having a successful trip. The secret to ensuring stress free travel and not miss out on anything, is early planning.


Early Preparation

There are trips that we are notified on short notice while others take two weeks, one month, or six months to prepare for.

If you have a higher likelihood of going for short notice trips, depending on the nature of your business/job, then you will have to be very swift. Unfortunately, however no matter how hard we try, we still miss out a few things here and there.

But this can be avoided, more so if you are a regular traveler.There are things like toiletries that you do not have to unpack everytime you come back from a trip. Knowing that a prepared toiletry bag has been packed lessens the thinking what to carry for the next trip.

If anything, we should just check what needs replenishing and make sure we replace these before our next travel date.


But those who have adequate time to prepare should have no excuse whatsoever when it comes to early planning.

Early planning is important because it saves you both time and money.

You are wondering how, right? See this. A report from a corporate-travel firm- Carson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) found out that women save their firms approximately $17 a trip, around 2% of the ticket price because they prefer to do their business flights earlier than men.

Planning ahead is key when you want to avoid checking in of bags that come with additional fees and sometimes could be hefty.


What documents does one needs to check before travelling?

Trave documents comprise several important things that you can not do without in most circumstances, and are very relevant in ensuring a safe, peaceful trip.

These include:

  • Plane, train tickets or passes
  • Passports (with up to date Visa if needed)
  • Up to date health insurance card
  • Extra photos if you have to get visas along the way
  • International vaccination certificates
  • Guide books and relevant maps
  • A list of local contacts in the places travelling to
  • Copies of all important papers



Ensure enough cash is handy to avoid being stuck. If travelling overseas, know the local currency’s exchange rate. The money we usually carry will help us in sorting out taxi bills and for any other relevant transactions.

We can also play safe by carrying your credit cards and ATM cards. But be proactive, check for bank charges when used overseas and notify your bank in advance regarding your travel time and destinations.




I usually carry clothing items with basic colors like black, blue or brown for skirts and pants to reduce the weight that I will need to carry. The dark colors come in handy since they do not easily show dirt or inner wears. It doesn’t harm to put it on one more time if we run out of clean clothes. Tops should be able to match the selected bottoms. Always pick out materials that are light and do not take up a lot of space.

Don’t forget to add a jacket or blazer that has a solid color scheme and matches the selected bottoms. Do not forget to pack a pajama suit if you know you cannot sleep without one.

All work and no play is no fun, pack workout clothes that are not heavy but can dry quickly since you may be forced to wash on the sink and dry them through hanging after exercising.

Throw in one or two evening dresses depending on the time table. Don’t over pack shoes. One or two pairs are just enough, so long as they match with the outfits that have been preselected.


Having a pencil pouch where you can stack in pens, small notebook, glue sticks, diary, Business cards, personal address book, maps, guidebooks, phrase books, and telephone access numbers among other items is always handy. I lived in Japan twice and this is something I learned there.

You are wondering if a pencil pouch/case can be used by a business woman?  Of course yes. The pencil case is very versatile and functional. Most importantly, it brings order to your collection of writing instruments and other knick knacks.





Personal items

Don’t forget to pack personal items like toilet paper, anti-bacterial wipes, nail cutters, a small tube of moisturizing cream or lotion, small bottle of anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizer, Cotton ear bud, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, deodorant, a small unbreakable mirror, sewing kit, safety pins, wash cloth and menstrual pads or tampons. Yep, these things we could NOT live without.


Carry chargers for all electronics. Be it for cameras, phones,or lap tops. It does not matter whether you will travel away for a few hours or couple of days.

If you will be using a camera, remember to carry lenses, batteries, extrtra memory cards, and flash as needed.

For the lap tops, remember to pack a flash disk, hard drive, power cord and network cable.


If you are the type that gets affected by environmental change or jet lag when you travel, remember to carry a few painkillers of your choice, infection treatment, antihistamine incase you suffer from allergies, malaria tablets, mosquito net or insect repellent, a sun screen, lip balm,   contraceptives and any necessary medication (with prescription if required to have one).

Lastly, a tip I learned from a close friend who is a frequent traveller, make it a habit to have different suit cases for different travel trips. For short trips that take a few days, a small bag or an overnight bag is usually enough. But in case you are travelling abroad and intend to stay for long, say more than two weeks , get a spacious suit case or luggage. I prefer the box type luggages that are not heavy but are sturdy.

With all the above suggestions based from my experiences, you are set for your journey and assured of comfort that will make you feel at ease while travelling and relaxed as you embark on your business trip. Bon voyage!





Bazaar Planning 101

Shopping or surfing, buying or selling, checking out prices or not, bazaars are fun to attend and a great way to shop, network, and share ideas. With everything going on now in the months leading up to holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Spring,etc the bar is set high and it is a puzzle to make your own both distinct and uber exciting.

Before we get to plan a fruitful bazaar, let’s first understand what this is. A common definition of the word, “bazaar” is that it’s a central & open market with a large number of various goods and services often displayed for sale. In the West bazaars are often intended to raise funds for charity.

In the Middle East where the idea originated from, bazaars are often located on the street or a place partially covered and set aside, where both profit or non profit organizations or even small businesses have kiosks with rear ends that can be secured. However, we are also familiar with schools and churches having used this format as a fundraising event.

Briefly note the following about bazaars;

  1. Generally the holidays are a good time to hold them,
  2. Off-season or not, it’s important to develop adverts,
  3. Best when not competing other functions in the area,
  4. People like to support causes, let your reason be known,
  5. Some causes require authority approvals so get them.

About planning a successful bazaar, it’s important to have in mind that memorable events do not just happen overnight. It takes design and the following are expert planning tips to include in your checklist.

First Things First

Decide who will attend and plan everything else; format, content, and ticket price as well as location among others; from there make a list of the minute details. This process of listing down everything helps you stay focused on achieving specific goals. Develop a clear cause for the event, set the goals, and understand your limitations.

Funds for the Event

Decide how much you’ll want to charge the vendors, you could charge them up front, for tables for instance or take a percentage of their sales after the event. Also, you could charge the clients.  If they can bring in two canned goods, for example, you could let them in free. Make something along these lines to create a buzz.


How to get Numbers

The most important aspect of planning a successful bazaar or any event for that matter is getting the numbers to attend. And for this you need a good marketing plan. The more organized you’re, the more successful it will be. Create adverts, take advantage of social media, use incentives and again, make your cause known and deliver –which should be the motivation for vendors and clients to attend.


How to Go About It

No matter the size of your event, you should be able to delegate responsibilities. Let other people take lead in areas of their interests. The other bit is to follow up; do not micromanage, just ensure everything is okay. If you have sponsors, treat them well. Lastly, ask for feedback and act on them.


Final Plans: D-Day

On the D-Day ensure all your attendees have a good time by fulfilling their expectations. Do not forget to lead by example. Remember that your attitude during and after the bazaar matters a lot.  Also, carefully analyze the mood of customers in other stalls. Ensure they understand your cause.


Contingency Plans

It’s good to think positive but you must have a back-up plan – to take care of emergencies, could be bad weather, power outage, and surprise calls or over attendance. According to small business trends, there’s one way around this. Imagine the event, step by step and make a 2 – Column List: in which you should write what you think could go wrong in one and contingencies on the other.


Creative geniuses Philip Macgregor and Ron Wendt who’re the brains behind some of most high end brands in the country says there’s a directive in every successful event. There’s a look, there is a story, theme or something particular about every event that makes them distinct and exciting.


These two are very sensitive about detail; photos, flowers, lighting, table clothes and floor plans among others. The difference between them and their competitors they say is a high success rate in designing every event based on the client’s story and playing with flowers, colors, and texture.


Now, if you want to know more about bazaars and how to plan a successful one, event planning and management in general, how to start and build a successful event and management company like Phillip and Ron or you want relevant contacts to help you start up, experience from current events in the industry or even tips on appropriate locations for your event then 40 minutes is all you need. Fill out the contact form today and let’s get you sorted. Or we could partner on my VIP coaching session.    




How You Can Build A Successful Event Management Empire

Build A Successful Event Management Empire

Do you have great communication skills? How about organizational skills? Seemingly you can do well in the events management field. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and yet still growing. Event Management skills are even more in demand now given the countless events; Conferences, meetings, trade shows, social events, and weddings among others. Just what does it take?

Events Management – Educational Requirements

First things first, let’s start with educational requirements. While it is possible to become a good planner without proper formal education, it’s becoming desirable to take a certificate, diploma or degree course in the same. Given the current rapid growth of the industry as well as the dearth of quality educational programs in it, career opportunities are abundant and salaries more appealing.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employers prefer to recruit individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant communications-oriented or management discipline.

There are several Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in hospitality management including courses like food & nutrition, food production, hospitality marketing, and facilities management for beginners. Colleges also offer certificate programs in event planning designed for established professionals in the industry. The curricula include; budgeting, risk control and negotiation skills

Events Management – Alternative Skills Acquisition

Most event planners learn the skills they need on the job. However, prospective event planners can prepare for their future careers by gaining work experience through volunteering; for their company, school, church, and or clubs. Some candidates have also gained planning experience while working in other fields such as administrative assisting, catering or marketing and more.

To succeed in the events management industry, you need exceptional skills in oral and written communication, creating and maintaining good working relationships. Once your experience is established, you are in a position to either work as a consultant or to open your own company.

Events Management – Professional Organizations

Professional organizations like Stratford, Penn Foster, Full Sail and International Special Events Society (ISES) among others offer certificates to professional event planners with at least three years of experience in the industry after passing a written exam. The Certifications may also prove beneficial for the budding planners when used as marketing tools with potential clients.

Events Management – Job Outlook and Salary Info

Also according to the BLS, event, meeting and convention planners can expect significant career growth of about 33% running now till the year 2022. The median yearly salary of most planners is $46,260.  Top ten percent of workers in the industry however earn $79,550 or more per annum while the bottom ten percent often makes $26,480 or less yearly. The rest depends on hard work.

Inspirational $30M Events Management Company 

Talking about which, Jennifer Gilbert is a real example. She began her $30m events management firm, Save The Date in 1993. At the age of 29 she was named Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year. Jennifer started her company apparently to help people celebrate and enjoy life’s littlest and greatest moments. This is after recovering from a brutal ordeal where she was stabbed at age 22.

It’s interesting; according to empower.com, Jennifer started Save The Date as a One-Woman operation with nothing other than a chair and telephone. For five years, she took no paycheck, only enough to live on. Her referral or matchmaking invention continues to earn her company millions in revenue. To minimize on operational costs, Jennifer never advertises nor does she deal with PR firms. To reach out to many, she relies majorly on the traditional word of mouth.

Jennifer says BizBash is a must attend if you want to meet top vendors and to incorporate new ideas into your events management business. Jennifer’s secret weapon however is to outsource everything she’s not good at and to focus on her passion. She says, “Outsource everything but your soul,” adding that what separates Save The Date from its competitors is their proprietary client management platform that details all events down to the likes and distaste of the CEO.

Event Management – Program for You This Month   

Having already learned a bit of what you need to become a recognized planner and building a succesful empire, you must be interested in learning the specifics how to find new clients, manage successfully events, negotiate deals, create effective budgets, deal with difficult vendors and clients and like Jennifer, make the clients not only satisfied and happy but always on call for your services –then stay on for more articles coming your way specifically on this topic of “Event Management”. Also, for this and more, spend at least 40 minutes of your time on call with me today and let us find out if we could partner on my VIP coaching session or perhaps if we could figure out any events for you to start this month. Looking forward to you call, catch up then!

Why It’s Possible to Build A Successful Business while Working Full Time

Working Full Time


The truth is most people don’t start out as entrepreneurs. Often, they choose to go on their own after some level of experience at work. And again there is the small, well, the not small an issue about finding the start-up capital.


There are various reasons for wanting to start-up a business. For some it’s the idea of wanting to be your own boss, for others it’s the perception of having enough skills to stand on your own and yet for some it has to do with the benefits – Financial and Social – Business and Work compared.


Stepping out as a full time entrepreneur is not easy. For many, staying with your present-day job is safer. But this school of thought is obviously not shared by all. There are innumerable coaches advising potential entrepreneurs to quit their jobs and pursue their dreams.


Well, I’d love to state my opinion about this. But before that, let’s get the benefits and limitations of the same.


Benefits of Keeping Your Job


  • Security factor: Leaving your current full-time job to start your own business is risky.
  • Financial factor: It’s a guaranteed way of earning income as you work on the business.


Limitations of Keeping Your Job


  • Time factor: You may not have much time left to pursue and build your own business.
  • Motivation factor: You’ll consider your startup more of a side ‘hustle’ than the serious venture that you need to nurture to fruition.
  • Performance factor: Working on your startup might have a negative effect on your work as much as the latter might also affect your own business; you might end up being fired.


My Lessons Juggling Both 


But even with these the question as to whether it’s possible to build a successful business while working full time still remains difficult. Personally, I have received emails from people feeling discouraged and some wondering whether it’s really possible to start a business while working.


My position!? It certainly is even though most of us don’t believe. Listen; back in 2012, I left a super comfy federal job to build a preschool; (Early Learners International School in Okinawa) as a full time entrepreneur but after 3 years I got another federal job.


In my case, I went back to the federal job for 2 goals:  professional development in the field of early childhood education & as a stable source of income to build other business ventures – the ultimate goal is having a sustainable income when hubby retires from military services in 2018.


Since I joined the workforce, which from my own assessment I have performed pretty well at, I have learnt the following lessons:


  • It’s not easy juggling work and business; but again, it is certainly possible to succeed in both – you just have to work smart and stay disciplined.
  • While at it your quality of life might decrease;
  • But if you are serious about your business then you are going to invest in it and yourself.
  • You need a mind and tenacity of steel; you will work extra hard and you will need to stay motivated.


Most of my jobs prior to the preschool were lateral career moves. I employed myself by building the school and was able to give myself a promotion. This carried over to my marketability to be hired for management positions.  


Being an entrepreneur while working as an employee added another dimension at my workplace. I have exhibited a sense of ownership and have been more accountable in my role as an Assistant Director.


But someone might argue these are even the more reason why you need to quit. Well, they may sound so but they are not. Instead, these are truths you need to know. And they are certainly not new. However, without them you might as well start up your business but not a successful one.


Usually, if you work for someone else change is slower because there is a protocol or chain of command that must be followed thus less nimble. However, if you are your own boss you can make an instantaneous decision on the spot, which might make the all-important difference for you. But if you are passionate about your job and for some reason are running your business you will find a balance.


Startup Tips and Best Practices


Now, if you want to start your own venture under your current employer, be sure to adhere to the following seven best practices:


  • Don’t do any entrepreneurial work during company time – give your organization enough time;
  • Be open about your intentions with a select few members of staff and your supervisor as well;
  • Don’t sabotage yourself. If your business demands more work – outsource some tasks.


  • Also, find a balance to keep your performance well above average both at work and in your business;
  • Think of your job as a blessing: It is the gasoline that fuels you towards your life vision.
  • Instead, successful businesses are built on consistent imperative action taken daily.
  • But more importantly, as part of your discipline, you should maximize your time well.


If you are planning on building your own business but don’t know WHAT, WHERE, and the HOW of making this dream happen.  Yes, I could relate if you are like me–ZERO business background.  Don’t fret! I may be able to assist you with one of my virtual programs, Business Building for Non-Business People.

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Want To Take Over Activities At The White House? Dream!


Want To Take Over Activities At The White House? Dream!

I have received quite a few messages & questions after posting my letter to my daughter, Elise regarding “Redefining Success.”  One of the questions I would wish to answer is, “What is your favorite quote?”  I have a several but there’s one that rings true whenever I hear myself say, “Wouldn’t be nice to…” or hear others say, “I would want to… BUT…”

There comes a time you are down and out, in a slump, with nowhere to turn and no hope in sight. Such is the time you want to throw in the towel and quit. But listen, you are not alone. Someone has been right where you are, all of them, right from Melinda Gates, Martha Stewart, and Oprah.

Oprah Winfrey Had Her Share of Adversities, Worse Perhaps

Speaking about the television proprietor and icon, her story must be known to you. Winfrey has been labeled the most influential woman world over, ranked the richest African American, and currently one of the two “black” billionaires in North America. But you know all that don’t you?

Well, even though your situation might be special, it is certainly not worse. Oprah’s was perhaps. Think about it. She was sexually abused at age nine, became pregnant at 14, her son died in infancy, in her teens, she wore dresses made of potato sacks for which she was constantly scorned on the way to school.

Want To Take Over Activities At The White House? Dream!

So much has been told about the phenomenal Oprah. But one thing is for sure. Despite her start, she had a talent to showcase the world and a dream to live. And this is perhaps what Eleanor Roosevelt meant when she said what has now become a cliché; “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

So what? Don’t you have something special to show the world as well? I believe you do. A talent in art perhaps; craft, music, dance, or sports. Could it be that like Victoria Woodhull did you also wish to take over activities at the White House? Or is it that you want a leap forward in your work or business.

But The Dream Is Free, Hustle Is Sold Separately Though


My favorite quote, “The Dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately” hangs by our kitchen.

Well, the road to success is not a smooth one. Along the way there is blood, sweat and tears. It is rough, bumpy, and full of adversities. For women like us, it feels much difficult, especially since despite our level of advancement, the society still has certain expectations of us, which in my opinion are not very friendly for our progress. But, like Waldo Emerson said: “Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing,” if we hustle enough, we can overcome.

Consider this. Back in the year 2012, as a new mother and a military spouse living in Okinawa, Japan, I wanted to find a way to be successful without giving up my family. But I felt that I was not being true to myself, partly because societal standards in my opinion have put on us certain “burdens” as women.

My Own Dream to Start and Run a Preschool

I had a successful career. I gave up what society expected of me. And I took my daughter Elise to daycare. So I could continue pursuing my career. But something did not feel right. I had an aching in my heart for leaving my daughter. It weighed down on me. I kept thinking about it.

So I looked around Okinawa’s early childhood development programs and I realized something I could offer. Something I would not only be successful at but one that would align my values with a successful career.

Armed with many years of experience working in preschool and a master’s degree in Education, I created the right curriculum and set forth in building a preschool. But that would not be easy.

Share of Setbacks on the Path to Success

I was told countless times I could not run a business in the country because one; I did not speak Japanese, second; I have a mobile life, and third; despite my experience, I certainly did not know how to start a business in a foreign country.

So what did I do? I blocked my ears to those telling me I couldn’t. I listened to my inner voice, I held my faith close to my heart, and followed my new dream. And what’s more? I sought to find a solution for every reason they gave for my supposed failure.

On April 8, 2013, some three months after I quit my “safe civil service job” we opened the Early Learners International School in Okinawa with three students and three members of staff. But on June 14, 2014, we had our first preschool graduation with 85 students and 12 members of staff. We maintained our enrollment statistics the next school year but June 2015 Graduation —I was not physically there.

My family and I received orders to relocate to Manama, Bahrain for two years 2015-2017.  Did we think twice about letting my husband go on his own? What will happen to ELIS in Okinawa, Japan? Should my daughter and I stay in Okinawa?  There was only one answer.  We follow where the military asks us to go.  Without any reservations, we will not break up our family of three no matter what.

Finally Hope in Sight, More to Come to You Too

Looking back in September 2, 2014, when we started our second school year with two additional classrooms to cater for the extra classes and today we have certainly grown bigger. The following year, Early Learners International School welcomed School Year 2015-2016 while my family and I relocated to Manama, Bahrain in June.  I have been running our brick and mortar preschool business 100% remotely.  This is without a doubt despite of the NO’s I was given before and even in the present time. So what I’m I saying? That success is the attainment of our purpose but also our dreams, which might weaken if we don’t hustle. The dream is free, hustle is sold separately.

Not a single soul with make it happen for you and I.  The only person who can move the needle is YOU.  I made my decision to always prioritize my family, to build a brick and mortar business that will secure my family and I during our retirement years, to create a life without regret, and more importantly to be fully present in the lives of my husband and daughter while I carve my niche in the world expressing my passions.

We have big, hairy, audacious goals and these could be achieved by taking action, “The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.”  There will be major hesitations, stumbling blocks, and even heartaches that could not be avoided.  It will be my strongest suggestion to borrow a leaf from William Ward’s four steps to achievement, which include: To plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively, and to pursue persistently.   

What is your favorite quote?  Do share below.