• Official Bio of Rosette

Rosette Obedoza is the creator of ZenSavvyMomma™ a Lifestyle & Business Strategy consulting company; founder of a brick & mortar preschool in Okinawa, Japan; and publisher of Overseascentral, a virtual resource website for U.S. Military and Embassy Expats. As mentor and online entrepreneur, Rosette is passionate in delivering simple ways for women to create multiple income streams by focusing on their strengths and teaching them time-saving strategies that actually work.

Professionally, she is a federal employee leveraging her broad knowledge and technical skills in Early Childhood Education, Education Leadership, Program Management, Human Resources Development and Career Counseling. She also worked for both private and public funded American universities.

Rosette holds dual master’s degrees from the University of Oklahoma (Master of Human Relations) and Southern Illinois University (Master of Education in Workforce Education & Development). Along with professional certificates completed from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations (Human Resources Practices) and San Diego State University (Meeting and Event Planning). She is also a certified facilitator of Shipley Communication’s Four Lenses™ Workshop and Achieve Global’s 64 Genuine Leadership™ classes.

Some fun facts about Rosette aside from– of course she LOVES everything about entrepreneurship & training because these topics make her smile.

  • She is a snowboarder. Check out how she carves in Whistler, BC. Her hubby is an awesome videographer and photography enthusiast; he filmed this vid clip of her (click here).
  • Her close friends refer to her as the “Filipino Martha Stewart.” Yep, she enjoys cooking & crafting with her daughter she fondly calls “Munchkin.”
  • She is active (setting aside the truth she has “squirrel brain” and could not sit still), she enjoys CrossFit™, SUP & SUPYoga, mountain biking, and completed the 2014 Ahayashi Half Marathon in Okinawa, Japan though she claims she avoids running.
  • She does not watch T.V. much but if she does, she tunes in to House Hunters International and Food Channel. Guess it’s pretty obvious Rosette is into world travel + food.
  • She shares with her family the dream of living in Big Island, Hawaii when her hubby officially hangs his military uniform for good.